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HOW Debt Consolidation FIXES DEBT

  • No-loan debt consolidation.
  • Combines debt accounts into one. 
  • Reduce monthly debt instalments.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?
The Debt Consolidation program is specifically created to consolidate debt into one, affordable, repayment plan. How our debt consolidation works is different from how consolidations loans work – specifically, our program offers more debt relief than a loan. Here’s how the DebtSafe program can fix debt.
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Get your practical, personalised, financial recovery plan that consolidates and reduces debt without a loan. 

WHAT we do – Consolidation

We fix debt by combining your accounts into one affordable financial recovery plan – without adding a loan to your limited cashflow.  

What Is Debt Consolidation?
And what is the best way to consolidate debt? Our no-loan Debt Consolidation is different from what a consolidation loan is; our Debt Consolidation forms part of the DebtSafe Debt Review program. So, what happens when you consolidate your debt through DebtSafe? Your multiple debt accounts are reworked into one, affordable, repayment plan.
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WHY our program works
Over 13 years of established success.
Specialist credit negotiators.
Our fees are strictly regulated.

Why Choose Debt Consolidation?
It’s time to consolidate debt with expert debt help when you have been declined for new credit or you have made new debt to pay off old debt. Let the experts help fix your debt and learn what is debt consolidation and why is it helpful.
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Why No-Loan Debt Consolidation Is Better Than a Consolidation Loan

  • Our Debt Consolidation could drastically reduce your monthly instalments.
    • A consolidation loan has high-interest rates, putting a lot more strain on your already-stretched-to-the-limit cash flow.
  • Our Debt Consolidation is part of a proven, practical, solution designed to fix payments in arrears.
    • A consolidation loan will be almost impossible to qualify for if you are in arrears with your current debt repayments.
  • Our Debt Consolidation is part of a legal program that keeps your car and home safe from repossession. 
    • A consolidation loan offers ZERO legal protection of your assets against repossession.
  • Our Debt Consolidation restructures your current debt in such a way that you can afford the repayments AND cover your living costs. 
    • A consolidation loan means taking out even more debt to pay your existing debt, adding to your debt pile.

Get your practical, personalised, financial recovery plan that consolidates and reduces debt without a loan. 

WHO this process is for

  • You’re unable to qualify for a consolidation loan.
  • Your struggling with payments in arrears.
  • You are employed or have a consistent income but still falling more and more behind with your finances. 
  • You have extreme anxiety because your cash flow is unable to keep up with your debt. 

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