How Does Debt Review Work?


During this process, your monthly debt repayments are not only combined into one instalment but also drastically reduced so that you can pay your debt as well as your essential living costs like food, children’s’ school fees, commute to your work etc.

At the end of the process, you will receive a Clearance Certificate. This will require your creditors and the credit bureaus to remove any information of the debt review and your previous unpaid debts from their systems – leaving you with an improved credit rating.

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Debt Review vs Debt Counselling

Which is best?

Debt Review is the same process as Debt Counselling. There are no differences between the two, they are just different names for the same thing.

What the Process Looks Like:


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Get a new, reduced and consolidated, repayment plan that protects your assets from repossession and fixes your debt. 

You’ll Receive

  • CreditGuard – extra protection against retrenchment, death, maternity leave, disability and identity theft.

  • A registered Debt Counsellor and legal protection against your creditors.

  • A free quote, a personalised budget & proper cash flow relief.

  • A decrease in your monthly debt repayments in one consolidated plan.


Set in motion your new repayment plan under the protection and help of our program and fix your debt.

You’ll Receive

  • Safe, secure distribution of your money to your creditors.

  • A registered Debt Counsellor.

  • Legal protection against creditors.

  • A Clearance Certificate that signals the completion of your program and with it an improved credit record.

It’s go time! Our professional team is ready to show what our program can do for you and how we can fix your debt while we protect your assets from repossession.